Secrets of Our Success

  • Discounted Off-Market Properties

    Maxim Holdings, led by it's founder Martin Szumanski, has extensive relationships with Banks, Hedge-funds, and Auction houses nationwide to ensure that all of our property acquisitions are purchased at significant discounts below market value, assuring our investors access to properties that have immediate value and inherent future cash flow and resale value.

  • Skilled Contractor Crews

    Maxim Holdings prides itself on it's great contractor crews and rehab analysis team. We know that the only way to create effective, long term cash flow opportunities is to minimize the cost of rehabilitation and maximize property value through strategic property enhancement and cost effective upgrades that are best for value appreciation and rental income.

  • Reliable Property Management

    Maxim Holdings knows that without strong property management and comprehensive tenant analysis and communication, long term rentals are difficult to maintain. We at Maxim Holdings fully understand the trials and tribulations that come with property management and our selection of property management teams is based on marketing, tenant analysis, and overall communication to keep properties rented and profitable.

  • Understanding the Big Picture

    Maxim Holdings fully understands the risks and rewards of Cash Flow generation. We are constantly analyzing additional strategies for better rental performance and increased property valuation. Additional services we offer include land contract strategies, Section 8 rentals, property tax reduction, and long term value-added opportunities.

Investment and Cash Flow Experts

The Key to Maxim Holdings' success is understanding and perfecting the different stages of a profitable cash flow strategy. Maxim Holdings' full service approach to investing is aimed at taking care of everything throughout the investment process, so the investor can focus on their life and enjoying the fruits of our labor.

Turning Affordable Property Investments into Sustainable Passive Income Production

Maxim Holdings specializes in finding off-market, bank or hedge-fund owned investment opportunities for investors of any size at significant discounts. We take sub-par properties and turn them into passive income cash flow earning machines.